I am the oldest of 5 children, I'm completely non verbal but boy do I make my wants and needs known! Mom says I'm sassy! I love to go for long walks in my stroller, and when my mom sings to me itsy bitsy spider. I enjoy school and car rides and boy do my younger brothers and sisters annoy me! I need help with almost all my daily living skills, from bathing to toileting. I have this cool feeding tube in my stomach that helps me eat! I take lots of medicine each day to help keep my seizures away. I can never be left alone because of my seizures and I like to put everything in my mouth. Mom and Dad say I'm the strongest kid they know!

Hobbies: Swimming, playing with blocks, going for stroller rides.

Likes: Stroller rides, gigglebellies and hangers!

Dislikes: Being told No!

Other Conditions: Infantile spasms/ west syndrome. Epilepsy, Catatonia, Hypogammaglobulinemia, Failure to thrive, Low muscle tone, CP, Severe intellectual delay, Autism. VUS in my CDKL5 gene. Mild dysmorphic features , shortened digits on hands and feet.