Hi, my name is Liam. I am the oldest of 3 children. Everyday, all day, I need the support of an adult. They assist me in living my life to the fullest. If it weren’t for my parents and my support workers, I would be in a group home. My family and support workers understand what I am trying to say, as I can get my point across, even though I don’t speak. All my food needs to be pureed, otherwise, I would choke. I need to wear diapers, as I don’t understand that I need to wait to get to a bathroom before going. My workers assist me when I am eating, because I love to put as much in my mouth as I can. I can never be left alone, as I do not understand safety, and would touch a burning stove or walk in front of a car. Generally, I am a happy guy. I love being around people and giving them high 5’s. I am a wonderful whistler.

Hobbies: Swimming, being read to, bocce ball, attending church

Likes: Chocolate, ice cream and creamy chills

Dislikes: Citrus fruit and loud noises, like train whistles and the lawn mower

Other Conditions: Strabismus, keratoconus, scoliosis, slow motility, pronation of feet, larger tongue, low muscle tone, autistic tendencies