My name is Sidney, and I live in beautiful Delta BC. I have an older brother, and any time I can I spend time with him. Last summer, he had to go home from vacation a day early, and it was really hard - my family is really important to me. Since he can drive, my favourite question to ask has been “when am I going to start taking driving lessons?” 

My parents homeschool me, and it has been amazing. I’ve gone from biting my fingernails, and having high anxiety because my class mates did not understand me, to getting the supports I need to live my best life. In the 1.5 years since I started homeschooling, I’ve learned how to add two numbers up to 10, and I read graphic novels. I can cook basic meals, and have my own household responsibilities. My parents have started giving me more independence, and I am walking short distances by myself, because I know I need to stop, look, and listen to cross the street. COVID has been difficult as I love to travel. The last trip I took was a flight to England, and then a cruise to Iceland! If I could, I would live on a cruise ship because I like seeing new places and meeting new people.

Hobbies: Swimming, gymnastics, disc golf, traveling

Likes: Animals, adventures, and being with her family. Sidney is always up for something new, and loves to tell jokes!

Dislikes: Loud noises, most types of meat, going for boring walks, and things that are unexpected (like a deer in the yard).

Other Conditions: Clubfoot